About us

X&Y Partners is a specialized management consulting firm. We provide multi-disciplinary, structured and quantified answers in emerging areas such as energy, climate change and sustainable development. We work with both the private and public sectors, either individually or together with other professional service companies, such as investment, legal and engineering firms. Our assignments can range from a single expert call to multi-year projects, and our experience covers all five continents.

We believe that delivering straight answers to emerging issues requires four things:

  • The unpretentiousness to ask questions and the confidence to deliver bona fide answers;
  • An experienced yet enthusiastic team, where each and every member combines industry, analytical and communication skills with a passion for his or her work;
  • An unfading commitment to our clients and the willingness to treat their issues as our own;
  • The access to a wide network of experts and advisors, capable of granting our clients facilitated access to new markets and opportunities, while guiding our core team in specialized topics.


We also believe that sharing our knowledge is the first step in creating trusted and enduring business relationships, so we regularly publish comprehensive content on the topics we specialize in.