2012 Yearbook

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2012 has been a great year for us. Not because we have grown considerably: X&Y Partners is and will continue to be a small company. And not because there were significant advances in the areas we work on: renewable energies and clean technologies continue along a fast but somewhat rocky path; policies to address climate change are still timid; and the bulk of the work towards a more sustainable development still lies ahead us.

2012 was a great year for us because we took a decisive step towards sharing our knowledge. The 12 articles we have compiled in this yearbook are based on years of experience and many thousands of hours of work.

There is of course a business rationale to this: our articles are meant to illustrate the talent, enthusiasm and hard work we put into each of our assignments, in the hopes that our readers can someday become our clients. We expect that some of them will, others will not. All of them can however build upon what we have shared, putting us all one step closer to a sustainable and equitable future.

We hope you enjoy these 12 articles. Some of them cover a specific sector or issue, such as cannibalisation among renewable energies, emerging wind markets and alternatives to electric vehicles. Others cover more transversal management challenges, such as making market forecasts, asking for feedback and reducing product development time.

We also hope that you will get in touch with us after reading these articles: to hire us, to work with us, to provide feedback, or simply to introduce yourself. Until then, we wish you a fantastic 2013.

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