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Retrato de Romeu Gaspar
How the cycling industry is shaping up for growth by addressing the demand for active lifestyles better than any other sport
Romeu Gaspar
There are not a lot of sports where you can buy a product that is better than what the pros use. Amazing as that is, the cycling industry’s biggest revolution is not based on exotic materials and high-tech designs, but rather on a smart marketing move: by placing the bicycle in the center of an open-to-all, inclusive experience, the cycling industry is addressing the generalized trend for active lifestyles better than any other sport.
Exhibit 1 - Results of the UK Taking Part survey (2005-2011)
Exhibit 2 - Sales evolution for major bicycle segments at an illustrative Specialized retailer
Exhibit 3 - Impact of cycling in the British economy (M£)
Exhibit 4 - Number of news related to mergers & acquisitions in the cycling industry