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We approach each assignment with a blank paper in hand and no preconceived ideas on how to address it. After understanding our client’s objectives and requirements, we will put together an approach, discuss it and make the necessary adjustments.

We also understand that response time is as important as the ability to customize our services. In addition to our Tailor-made Projects, we offer Expert Consults, which can be set-up with a 2-hour notice, and X&Y Solutions, which allow us to respond to trending issues in a fraction of the time typically required:

Expert Consults

Consult with one of our partners on a specific topic. Our expert consultation services are both used by companies facing a particular challenge, and by other professional service providers looking to complement their team on a particular subject. Expert consults can range from one-hour conference-calls to on-site multi-day workshops. Our clients are usually time-pressed, and we pride ourselves on being able to organize conference-calls in less than two hours, and on-site workshops in less than one week.

X&Y Solutions

These are end-to-end solutions that we have developed to address well-defined issues, based on the experience and tools developed over the course of multiple assignments. X&Y Solutions can be sector-specific (e.g. Renewable energy technology evaluation, Climate change policy advisory) or address a transversal business issue (e.g. Due diligence & valuation, Carbon footprint reduction), and include a comprehensive set expert advisory services, analytical tools and proprietary data.

Tailor-made Projects

For tackling specific and more complex issues, we will build a tailored approach that addresses the particular requirements of our client. Our team can either work independently or as part of a larger group. We strive to support our clients anywhere our services are required: our experience covers all five continents.

Have something different in mind? Please tell us about it, we are fully available for discussing alternative forms of collaboration.