Business Writing

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Recommendations on how to structure and write proposals, reports, and other business documents.
Romeu Gaspar
It is arguably easier to find good advice on presenting than on writing, although most of us write more often than we present. Good business content – whether a proposal, a report, a paper or other type of deliverable – is clear, concise and factual: this article suggests 10 rules to write such content. As for our recommendations on problem-solving and project management, these guidelines are based on our own experience and mistakes, so you will find both good and bad examples illustrating them.
 Exhibit 1 – Breakdown of the time we spent preparing the last 20 X&Y blog articles
Exhibit 2 – The initial steps of drafting this article
Exhibit 3 – An example of how to apply the Minto Pyramid Principle to communicate findings
Exhibit 4 – An example of how to apply the Minto Pyramid Principle to structure a report
Exhibit 5 – Suggestions on how to design an effective chart
Exhibit 6 – An example of how visual representations can also be used to highlight qualitative information
Exhibit 7 – Examples on how to eliminate superfluous adjectives, industry lingo, buzzwords and acronyms
Exhibit 8 – A template and attention to detail will transform untidy diagrams (top row) in professional looking visual aids (bottom row)