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Recent developments in renewable energies might overthrow the diesel generator as the technology of choice for off-grid mobile base stations.
Romeu Gaspar
Renewable energy has evolved considerably over the last couple of years. So much, in fact, that solutions recently deemed to be unfeasible might now warrant a second look. Take mobile telecom operators, for instance: diesel generators are usually preferred over renewable energy based solutions for remote off-grid base stations, because they are cheaper and more reliable. In this article we explore three recent developments that might tilt the balance in favor of telecom towers powered by renewable energy.
Exhibit 1 – 2008-2017 mobile telecom subscriptions, by region
Exhibit 2 – Example of a base station powered by a diesel generator (left), and one integrating solar PV (right)
Exhibit 3 – 2001-2012 PV module spot prices
Exhibit 4 – 2012-2018 market value for micro-grids, by region
Exhibit 5 – 2012-2021 market value storage for systems, by technology
Exhibit 6 – 2010-2020 US market value for ESCO services, by application